Wednesday – Quoteday #2

I can’t believe it’s wednesday already, sometimes the weeks just fly by. Especially when you’re studying, blegh. While I’m busy writing my bachelor thesis, two academic papers and two academic blogs, and in the meantime trying to learn my Social and Economic History exam, all I can think about is that I’m ready for summer break and a whole lot of reading (fun reading that is) ;).

The quote I chose for this wednesday is by Lena Dunham:

“Let’s be reasonable and add an eigth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.”

Can’t agree more with that statement haha. Especially during this busy time I could use an extra day totally devoted to reading and relaxing. What do you guys and girls say: is it time for a new calendar with eight days a week or what?

Ps. For all you readers out there that are busy with exams or other schoolstuff : good luck!!!


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