Stepford people and alien invasions – part two

As promised the conclusion to my review about the Last Year serie by Trisha Leigh. If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read this post! First I will give a description of book three in the series, then I’ll tell you about what I thought of this book and second I will do the same for the fourth and final book in the series.

Betrayals in Spring

Althea assumes now that she, Pax, and Lucas are reunited in spring that the next steps are obvious – locate Deshi and prepare to take down the Others once and for all. But she doesn’t expect the subtle changes in Lucas.

After being left alone last season with only his Element father for company, Lucas has started to question whether their rightful place isn’t with the strange alien race as opposed to humanity. When an emergency forces Lucas to aid the Others so they can remain on Earth, Althea worries that she’s lost him once and for all.

The one thing she knows is that Deshi’s the key to any hope of reclaiming the planet. So as the Others gut their already wobbly support system, Althea and Pax gather together the beginnings of a plan – and maybe an army.

Even if she can convince Lucas their side is the right one, the Prime Other holds Deshi captive and shrouds any knowledge about their fourth in clouds of secrecy. What they discover deep underground is a roadblock they didn’t expect – and one that could steal their last hope of saving humanity.

When I gave my review of the second book I mentioned that there was a love triangle I hoped would be resolved in the third book, and my hope was answered! Lucky for me, the love triangle only lasted til half of this book. And I must say that the author did a good job of complicating the relationships between the three Dissidents. Lucas has begun to waver in his commitment to saving humanity since his disappearance, which offers a snag in the plans Pax and Althea came up with. In this book the three also make some interesting new friends with some surprising abilities. But they also lose a few old friends.

Althea remains an interesting character that keeps developing which keeps you sucked in the story. Lucas and Pax also keep getting more mature and discover what they want out of life.

The tension also remains high, with even more at stake and more torture and murder. The ending is particularly good and will leave you with an urge to pick up the last installment in the series right away.  

Even after three books I’m still entertained and intrigued  by this story. The worldbuilding remains well-developed. The characters keep growing and evolving. The antagonist gets more and more clear and defined. The tension remains strong and well dosed. And you just want to find out if the Others can be defeated, if Earth can be saved and if the heroes will get their happily ever after ;).


Summer Ruins

A final battle for the survival of Earth is coming. Between the alien Others and the destruction of humanity stand four dissidents.

When the Prime Other banishes them to the Harvest Site to live the remainder of their time on Earth as slaves, the Dissidents use the opportunity to learn more about the substance that keeps the Others alive… and how they might use it to their advantage. But the Others guard their secrets well, and the Prime Other has proven his willingness to do whatever’s necessary to secure a future for his race, no matter what or who is destroyed in the process.

When Althea and the boys realize their lives could be the key to allowing another planet to suffer the same fate as Earth they promise they’ll die before they let that happen. If they can’t figure out how to turn the tables in their favor before the SummerCelebration, they might have to do just that.

The end draws near, and there’s only one question left – are the Dissidents going to save their chosen people, or perish alongside them?

There’s only one word that describes the last book in this series and that is: Wow! The third book ended with a giant cliffhanger leaving Lucas, Pax and Althea captured by the Prime Other and betrayed by Deshi , their fourth Dissident. Now, they are shipped to the Harvest Site, a mining facility on the South Pole. Rather, than letting their current predicament get them down, the three decide to make the best of a bad situation. At the Harvest Site they discover what happens to the Broken humans, they are enslaved and forced to mine something from deep in the ground. Something the Others can’t live without. Teaming up with some old friends and some new ones they make a plan to use this information to their advantage and plan an escape. But, escaping proves to be difficult on a continent made of ice, with temperatures way below zero.

The friendship that develops between Deshi and Althea is really realistic and is a slow process which ensures the story remains suspenseful. Meanwhile the Prime Other and his children go on torturing and killing people to ensure the cooperation of the Dissidents.

I really liked that the plan to overthrow the Others was scientific instead of a big blowout with guns or something. I also liked the fact that the plan to save Earth didn’t go smoothly, ending the plot too soon.

This book is a emotional rollercoaster throwing you from sadness (over the deaths of some really nice and fun characters), to hopeful (that everything will work out), to angry (over the Prime Other and his children that seem to ellude every plan the Dissidents come up with), to sadness again (over more nice and fun characters), to happy (that some things do work out). It’s a worthy ending to a surprisingly good series. I really hope you guys and girls pick these up because the books deserve a lot of readers! This will definitely be one of those series I will re-read multiple times :).



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