A second chance at life

I was updating my Goodreads account this morning to add all the books I’ve read this month and was surprised to see I already read 37 books in July!!! But if you take a look at this blog I haven’t posted a review of any of them. Seems right to correct this, doesn’t it ;). So, if I can manage it I will be posting a lot of reviews the following days! Starting today with a review of Nora Robert’s Whiskey Beach (Het Strandhuis). I’m a huge fan of Nora Roberts and own almost all of her books that are translated to Dutch and I love almost all of them (occasionally there are one or two where I don’t like the premise, plot or one of the characters). Whiskey Beach is one of her books I will be rereading many times because I absolutely loved it! Let me first tell you what the book’s about and then I will convince you why you have to read this one :).

For more than three hundred years, Bluff House has sat above Whiskey Beach, guarding its shore—and its secrets. But to Eli Landon, it’s home…

A Boston lawyer, Eli has weathered an intense year of public scrutiny and police investigations after being accused of—but never arrested for—the murder of his soon-to-be-ex wife.
He finds sanctuary at Bluff House, even though his beloved grandmother is in Boston recuperating from a nasty fall. Abra Walsh is always there, though. Whiskey Beach’s resident housekeeper, yoga instructor, jewelry maker, and massage therapist, Abra is a woman of many talents—including helping Eli take control of his life and clear his name. But as they become entangled in each other, they find themselves caught in a net that stretches back for centuries—one that has ensnared a man intent on reaping the rewards of destroying Eli Landon once and for all…


If there is one thing Nora Roberts is good at it’s creating realistic characters who sweep you of your feet and take you away with them on their journey. Eli is most definitely one of those characters. Life has been rough for him after his wife was murdered and he became the prime suspect. Friends have abandoned him, his in-laws want him behind bars no matter what and the tenacious pitbull of a detective who is leading the case against Eli doesn’t let go of his suspicions no matter how far fetched or impossible they are. The relentless media and police harassment have turned Eli into a depressed recluse. To escape from it all he decides to move to the family estate to finally find some peace.

Enter Abra, a free spirit and woman of many traits. Abra has had her own problems in the past and found peace and harmony in the beautiful coastal village of Whiskey Beach. She teaches yoga, makes jewelry, massages people, is a waitress at the local bar and cleans houses. One of the houses she cleans is Bluff House the family estate of the Landon’s. Eli’s grandmother made Abra promise to take care of her grandson and when Abra meets him she knows she’s going to keep that promise no matter what. Eli is way too thin and looks as if all the joy and life has been sucked out of him and if there is one thing Abra is good at it’s making people feel better.

The relationship between these two characters is really well-developed. At first Eli is mostly mad and wants to be alone. He pushes Abra away and doesn’t want to deal with this crazy, positive woman although she’s really kind and pretty. But Abra won’t go away. She forces him to eat more and do more. It doesn’t take long before Eli decides to take her advice to heart and begins to take care of himself again. At the same time the two grow more attached and become friends and lovers.

However Eli’s old life and his new life become strangely entangled when a private investigator comes to Whiskey Beack asking all sorts of questions. At the same time somebody is breaking and entering Bluff House and Abra gets attacked. Strangest of all is that the thief didn’t steal anything, but is digging a giant hole in the basement floor instead. When the private investigator turns up dead not long after the attack on Abra Eli becomes a prime suspect again and the detective from Boston decides that Eli has killed not only his wife but also the p.i.

Eli’s had enough of playing the victim, this time he will proof his innocence (in both crimes) once and for all. With the help of Abra, some new friends and the deputy of Whiskey Beach he fights back. It doesn’t take long before he discovers that the murder of his wife, the burglaries in Bluff House and the nasty fall of his grandma are all connected to each other and a fabled treasure that is supposed to be buried somewhere in Bluff House…

The suspense and emotions in this book will keep you riveted and wanting to finish the book so make sure you have enough time as you won’t want to put the book down ;).


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