Wednesday – Quoteday #7

On this extremely hot and sweaty day there is not much else to do than read and write (can you say Heaven 😉 ). Because I have all the time of the world today I thought it would be fun to share another poem about reading with you all. The poem I chose is called Just Words and is written by Erin Hanson, a really talented young lady from Australia. If you haven’t heard of her then you should really check her poetry out!

Are they really “just words” strung out across paper,

Or are they answers to questions we’ve not learnt to ask,

If they’re really “just words” then how come when we read them,

We feel like somebody has seen through or mask,

I don’t think “just words” can hold such a power,

That makes us believe that there really is hope,

There has to be something in words that will help you,

Hold on when you’re reaching the end of your rope,

The people that write them are dealing with magic,

They change the whole world with a paper and pen,

And that I may be one is a dream I’d keep having,

If given the chance to live my life again,

They can’t be “just words” when you stop feeling lonely,

As if the author is someone that you’ve always known,

Like a hand has reached out to brush your tears from your cheek,

When you’re reading the words in your room all alone.

I think all readers will agree that stories are not “just words” that they are so much more :).  


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