New year’s post

Hey you all 🙂 It’s a new year and that means new bookish resolutions! I’m a bit late, but I’ve been sick with the flu and haven’t felt up too posting something. But today I wanted to finally tell you my reading and blogging goals for 2017 (eventhough I’m still really sick).

I’ve decided to change my quote and cover posts, because sharing those every wednesday and friday proved to be a bit too much. So, I will be sharing covers and quotes with you but not on a set day of the week and not every week.

I’m going to add some new things to my blog too. I want to share the books I’ve read every month with you and want to write more reviews of the books I loved the most. As a start I will share my own reading challenge with you :). If you like you can use it yourself too. I made this reading challenge to complete my bookish resolutions. Amongst these resolutions is finally reading all the unread books in my bookcase, and reading more classics.

This is my 2017 reading challenge:

  1. Read a book you love and read before.
  2. Read a classic.
  3. Read a children’s book.
  4. Read some poetry.
  5. Read a trilogy.
  6. Read a book you bought but didn’t read yet.
  7. Read a retelling.
  8. Read something romantic.
  9. Read a book with magical or fantastical elements in it.
  10. Read a book written by an author you haven’t read before.
  11. Read a book from one of your favorite writers.
  12. Read a book you feel like reading.
  13. Read a book with a kick-ass hero or heroine.
  14. Read a book in your favorite genre.

I’m going to try to read a book in all the categories every month and I’m aiming to read 168 books this year. I’m really excited to share my reading progress and new reviews with you so stay tuned ;).


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