Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

Hey you all! Today I want to share something new with you. I was browsing some of my favorite blogs and came across the Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag on ReadInge’s blog, and it looked so fun and beautiful that I couldn’t resist doing one of my own too. So, I’m going to take you on a little tour through some of my favorite books ❤

1. The best color combo on a book cover:


I love bold colors that almost seem to pop of the pages. These two covers are my favorites when it comes to color.

2. Best typography/ font on a book cover:


Betsy Cornwell’s Mechanica has some of the most beautiful font I’ve ever seen. It suits the book to perfection and I love the steam punk feel of it! The rest of the cover isn’t too shabby either 😉

3. Best simple cover:

This one proofed one of the most difficult things to find on my shelves. I don’t own a lot of books with simple covers. Most of them have quite a lot of things going on, on the cover. But Jennifer L Armentrout’s The problem with forever fits the tag “simple” I think. It’s just letters and colors, yet it’s really beautiful despite its simplicity.


4. Best endpages:

Another hard one. I don’t own a lot of books that have endpages with pictures on them, or that have beautiful colors or something else that’s remarkable. But, I gave my little sister a copy of H.P. Lovecraft’s Complete Fiction last year and that book has the most beautiful endpages I have ever seen ❤


5. Best map:

When I was thinking about which map I love the most in my books I realised that many YA fantasy novels don’t even have maps which is such a shame. First I was thinking of using Tolkien’s map of Middle Earth because that’s one of my favorites, but then I remembered a map in an old children’s book of mine that I really love. So, I took a picture of Chris Riddell’s map for Beyond the Deepwood. Isn’t it pretty?


6. Best naked hardback:

Well, this one was easy as I own only one hardback that has something of an illustration on it when you remove the dustjacket haha. But, nevertheless, I really like the naked cover of Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger.


7. Best back cover:

I never realised that many books have a seriously dull back cover, until I was perusing my shelves for a pretty back cover. It took me a while to find one, but Rebel of the Sands has a beautiful one!


8 Best chapter headers:

Again, something most books don’t have. The only shelve where I could find a few books with chapter headers was my “retelling” shelve. A.G. Howard’s got the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen so I took a picture of Splintered.


9. Best Illustrations:

Okay, I couldn’t choose. I love Chris Riddell’s artwork in Beyond the Deepwood, but I also love the drawings/ etchings in Alice in Wonderland so I took a picture of both 😉


10. Best spine:

I don’t really like spines that are decorated ornately. With a lot of books standing next to each other it gets kinda messy when you have too much spines that have all these things going on, on them. So, I chose a spine that is simple, but has a beautiful font.


11. Favorite cover on your shelves:

Seriously, are there people who can choose only one favorite? I couldn’t do it. I’ve got so many books with beautiful covers that I had to share a few with you all. So, here’s a little slideshow with some of my faves.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’d really like to see more aesthetically pleasing books, so, if you want to post your most beautiful ones in a blogpost too, please do! Happy reading you all ❤




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