It’s a brandnew year!

Hey you all! Happy 2018!!! I know this ‘wrap-up of 2017’ post is a little late (blush) but New Year’s Eve turned out to be horrible (read: my drunken neighbour and her idiotic friends decided to start a fight that the police had to break up and I got knocked around by a huge drunken bastard because he was offended that I had my frontdoor open) so I didn’t feel like posting a happy blog on the first day of 2018. The rest of the week was shitty too, my bike broke down while I was going to work so I had to walk the rest of the way, my computer keeps crashing and my debitcard stopped working and a new one won’t arrive till next week grr. It’s like I’m cursed or something. But, all bad things eventually come to an end (I hope) and I thought lets do something fun and positive to break this negative cycle.

2018 start

Lets start with my 2017 in books. I’ve read 147 books, which means I didn’t finish my challenge of 168 books (14 books per month). But, I think 147 books is still a good number of read books (I wanted to include my Goodreads 2017 reading challenge here, but I can’t find it anymore as it was replaced by the 2018 challenge …) . I noticed that I didn’t read many new books in 2017, instead I reread a lot of old favorites. Bookish resolution #1 will be: READ MORE NEW BOOKS, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE SITTING ON YOUR SHELVES UNREAD.

At the beginning of 2017 I made a reading challenge for myself so I would read more classics and finish some of those piled-up to-read books. Well, I think I followed that challenge for a month and then I was kind of sick of it haha. I’ve learned that I don’t read relaxed when I set myself strict rules or goals, so, bookish resolution #2 is going to be: SEE A CHALLENGE AS GOOD FUN AND NOT AS A SET OF RULES THAT HAVE TO BE OBEYED AND FOLLOWED TO THE LETTER. In that spirit I joined the Epic Reads Challenge on ( ). Every month you can read a new YA fantasy novel and talk with fellow readers about your reading experience. I think this challenge will be real fun and maybe I will make some new bookish friends ❀

I also have some resolutions for this blog. I know I don’t do well with set days to post stuff, I’m a notorious procrastinator and do better with posting when I feel like it, however I do want to post more and a bit more regularly. So, bloggish resolution #1 is: WRITE A POST AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. I think that will be manageable πŸ˜‰ Moreover, every month I would like to review at least one originally Dutch book by a debuting author or from an author I know (I haven’t decided yet if I want to do those reviews in Dutch or English, but I will let you guys and girls know) which makes bloggish resolution #2: REVIEW AT LEAST ONE DUTCH BOOK PER MONTH. I think I would like to add a new category to my blog too, a category where I can post which books I really want to read every month and which books I actually ended up reading that month (so, that’s one post at the start of each month and one post at the end of each month πŸ™‚ ) So, the last bloggish resolution (#3) is: KEEP SCORE OF WANT-TO-READS and HAVE-READS. And that’s all folks πŸ˜‰

buying books

Happy reading you all! And see you soon πŸ˜‰




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