The imperfection of perfection

Hey you all! I’m participating in another blogtour for Dutch Venture Publishing 🙂 This blogtour revolves around Onzuiver (The Blemished) by Sarah Dalton. When I read the description I knew I had to read this book because it sounded really awesome and intriguing. And, boy, did Sarah deliver on the promise that description made!!! First, let me give you the description and then I will proceed with my review. I promised to make a pictureguide for this book, but it was impossible to find the right pictures to express the important scenes in this story, so, instead I added some pictures that remind me of the characters in this book 🙂


A beautiful world comes at a price…

In the near future, genetics have advanced to the point where parents can design their ideal child. Perfect clones are the norm, and those born through natural conception are treated as their inferiors, living in poverty and servitude.

Fifteen-year-old Mina Hart has flawed genes. She’s part of the Blemished, forced to live in the slums, and taught only how to serve the GEMs, those who have been genetically engineered. When Mina is sixteen she’ll be coerced into suffering the Operation, a procedure that leaves girls infertile, and in most cases, insane. But Mina doesn’t want to have the Operation, and she’s willing to do everything she can to stop it happening. Because Mina has a secret power, and she’s about to start using it.

This book is written so well and with so much suspense that it kept me hooked from start to finish ❤ I loved the whole concept of a dystopian world where perfection is so important that people are willing to enslave and kill for it. The author did a really good job with her worldbuilding and manages to create a world that is not only scary and horrible, but also very recognizable. In this age of technological advancements it is not that hard to imagine that the balance between technological and genetical possibilities on the one hand and etchics and morality on the other will one day tip in the direction of unethical experimentation and influencing of the fabric of life itself. Who wouldn’t want a perfect child? A child that will never experience mental illness or hereditary diseases. A child that will be perfect in health as well as looks … But genetic perfection like that comes at a price, because to get rid off all undesirable genes the people who possess those genes will have to be sacrifices for the greater good. And that is what Sarah Dalton explores in this book (and series): a society where the genetically flawed are treated like disposable waste and slaves and where genetically altered humans rule with cruelty. This is one of those books that really get you thinking about the consequences of seemingly harmless medical advancements like gentherapy and genetic modification. Any book that manages to do that while still keeping the tension high and the pace fast deserves to be read by many people!

I loved main character Mina. She is strong, headstrong, loyal, kind, and not afraid to fight for her ideals and those she loves. I also really liked the fact that Mina had a special ability. The entire time I was reading the story I hoped Mina would find a way to escape the horrible reality of her life. The bond between her and Daniel was really interesting and I liked how well they fit together. I’m hoping they will get together in the following books in the series!

Daniel was also a really cool character. He’s so sweet and protective and I loved how he tried to care for Mina as well as Angela. Besides, just like Mina he has a special ability that is really intiguing.


I also really liked Angela, Mina’s best friend. She’s sweet, funny and kind. I loved her positive attitude and the way in which she handled all the struggles and hardships in her life.


I was a bit disappointed that this book had a love-triangle as I really hate those. However, I think that the triangle is resolved in this first book, so, keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t come back in the next books haha. I didn’t much like love interest Sebastian. I thought he was a bit of a douchebag because of the way he kept putting Mina in dangerous situations and especially later on when Mina finds out his ulterior motives. Maybe Sebastian will turn out to be a good guy later on, but in this book I really didn’t like him.

sebastian running

The pace of this book is really fast and really kept me hooked. I finished the book in one day because I couldn’t stop reading! I loved all the twists and turns and all the tension and (family and love) drama ❤ I hope the next book will be translated soon because I want to know how the story continues!!!

This book is definitely a must-read! It’s got intriguing and marvelous worldbuilding, a strong female lead, great tension and fast pacing that will keep you hooked from start to finish. If you love dystopia you should certainly put this one on your to read list, you won’t be disappointed 😉

If you want to know what other people in the blogtour thought about the book you can visit for all the stops in the tour 🙂



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